St. Peter’s Catholic School statement after plague of ‘out of control’ children in Solihull near McDonald’s

Trouble broke out in Solihull town center as pupils ‘started’ near McDonald’s, according to mums and dads. Parents reported disruption after the children finished school ahead of the three-day bank holiday weekend on April 29.

There were reports of police, store security and teachers present. When questioned, West Midlands Police said they had no record of the incident.

But St. Peter’s Catholic School, a mile from the city center, said it was “aware that a small number of our students engage in anti-social behavior.”

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Marie Murphy, Principal of St Peter’s School, said: “St Peter’s Catholic School has a very high standard of behavior and the vast majority of our pupils adhere to these standards. We know that a small number of our students have engaged in anti-social behavior after the end of the school day outside of the school site.

“The matter has been addressed and we thank our parents and the wider Solihull community for their continued support.”

A parent said a school texted and told them to take the kids home if they were in the city center. Another claimed children were causing trouble at McDonald’s and Touchwood Mall.

McDonald’s said teachers were present but it knew nothing of a crash. Touchwood did not respond to a request for comment.

A parent said: “Hello does anyone know if anything has happened in the town of Solihull? I got a text from the school advising me [me] take the kids home if they were in town? Thank you.”

Another mum wrote: “I’ve seen kids kicking off at McDonald’s, kids kicking off with each other, kids kicking off with Touchwood staff and security. There was a big group of them, boys and girls. Teachers and security couldn’t control them.”

And someone else added: ‘There were a lot of school children in the main street of Solihull at around 3.30am yesterday [April 29] and there [were] quite a few police talking to them and about three police cars as well. Personally, I didn’t see anything happen.”

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