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Photo Submitted Pictured is Superior Tire & Rubber Corporation President and CEO Hank LeMeur Jr. presenting Northern Pennsylvania Regional College President Susan Snelick with the scholarship check. Members of NPRC’s Community Engagement and Student Success Teams along with Superior Tire & Rubber Corporation staff recently joined for the photo and ceremony at Superior Tire & Rubber Corporation Headquarters.

Superior Tire and Rubber Corporation has created a scholarship program to provide its employees, the spouses of their employees, and the children of their employees the opportunity to enroll in classes at the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College for free.

The program will not only enable their employees, spouses and children to improve their skills in the job market, but it will also enable families to improve their quality of life. Currently, several Superior Tire employees work in co-op positions between the Warren County Career Center and Superior Tire, an agreement the company hopes will eventually transition those employees to full-time and allow them to become students at the NPRC.

Superior Tire and Rubber Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of industrial polyurethane and rubber components for the material handling, construction, agricultural, municipal and mining industries. Based in Warren, the company has been in business since 1964, with NPRC administrator Hank LeMeur Jr. serving as current president and CEO.

“The overarching goal is that we want to provide a path of growth for our employees and their families,” said LeMeur. “The objective is to help make our employees more productive, our company more productive and to make it more fulfilling. One of the first people we had to go through the NPRC was not the employee, but his wife. It helped her improve her skills and gain access to a job that paved the way for a more fulfilling career.

Being able to provide pathways to change people’s lives and brighten their futures is our promise, something Superior Tire is investing more in through this program. In terms of teaching quality and return on investment, LeMeur was also pleased with these results.

“We have a young man who has had a great career here at Superior who is on a business path (at NPRC) who has had nothing but positive things to say about teaching and teachers. From my point of view, if our employees are satisfied with the product, then I am satisfied with the product. The feedback I have received from our employees has all been positive.

Unlike traditional residential colleges, NPRC allows students to stay at home and earn a degree at a much lower cost; sometimes up to 70% less. Along with this, attending the College is much lower risk in terms of investment than competitors due to its affordability, with an hourly credit rate of $185.00. Recognizing that a degree at NPRC is already inexpensive for members of the community, Superior Tire wanted to ensure it was free through this scholarship program. LeMeur adds,

“The NPRC not only helps non-traditional students entering college after some time in the job market, but it also helps new graduates see if they are ready to commit to college. at a very low cost, said LeMeur. “With the scholarship program, it allows them to do this at no cost. I think it’s vital.

To officially recognize the scholarship program agreement between NPRC and Superior Tire, a signing between NPRC and Superior Tire and a check presentation of $10,000 for the education of prospective students was recently held at the headquarters. head office of Superior Tire on Scientific Road in Warren.

“Companies are focused on their business, but what we want to do is give a chance to our employees, their spouses and their children. We try to use the talent to the maximum,” said LeMeur.

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