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HONOLULU, September 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – To honor the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, various commemorative events took place in the United States. Twenty three Tai Ji Men Members traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii, September 3-5 to reflect on this historic day and the importance of peace. They also celebrated September 15 as the International Day of Love and Peace, as well as the 20th anniversary of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy and Dr. Hong Tao Tze Day in Honolulu. The group visited different places to promote the idea of ​​conscience, love and peace, including Honolulu City Hall, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Honolulu, Honolulu Chinatown, Diamond Head , Dole Plantation, the Pacific National Memorial Cemetery, Waikiki Beach, and Pearl Harbor.

Dr Hong, Tao-Tze, the head of Tai Ji Men, Ms. Hong and members of Tai Ji Men were invited to the 54th Annual DPI / NGO Conference in September 2001, and they witnessed the September 11 terrorist attacks. During these difficult times Tai Ji Men hosted ceremonies ringing the bell of peace and love in the world in New York and Honolulu to pacify people’s hearts and pray for the United States and the world, and visionary leaders from all walks of life were invited to ring the bell and make wishes of peace.

At that time, New York was in chaos and the world was under threat of further terrorist attacks. The iconic WWII port, Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, was to be the next target, and many people sought to evacuate the country. Tai Ji Men had been invited to participate in the Aloha Parade before the September 11 attacks. Dr Hong, Mrs Hong and the Tai Ji Men the members, as martial artists, were adamant that they would fly to Hawaii as promised, no matter what the odds. Due to numerous flight cancellations, the group waited at the airport every day until they could finally make it to Hawaii on the 15th and 16th on separate flights. Despite the cancellation of the Parade, the delegation still held “A night of ancient culture“, a cultural celebration and ancient ringing ceremony to pray for Hawaii, the United States and the world, at the Hawaii Theater Center on September 16.

430 Tai Ji Men members were supposed to take part in the parade, but only 36 were able to make it to Hawaii to perform at the theater. Their sincere, peaceful and righteous performances made nearly 1,000 people cry. Jennifer Hung, a Tai Ji Men A member who returned to Hawaii 20 years later recalled: “When everyone closed their eyes, they silently and sincerely prayed that there would be no more terrorist attacks, that the living would be comforted. and may the souls of the dead rest in peace. At the end of the event, many people were very touched and congratulated us on our fearlessness and selflessness. “

During the ringing ceremony on September 16, 2001, Dr. Hong explained the significance of the ceremony, “The peaceful sound of the bell brings the blessing of peace and stability. All living creatures in the world are our brothers and sisters. It is with a heavy heart that we pay tribute to the victims of September 11. Global solidarity and cooperation is an urgent imperative, and with the sincere care of the heart, we can resolve the world’s pain and rekindle the hope of life. Dr. Hong expressed his prayers for the 9/11 attacks: “May the souls of the deceased rest in peace, and I lead my followers to pray with the world with a sincere heart and the powerful energy of righteous auspicious training. . resolve hate and conflict with love. Representatives of many religions and walks of life have been invited to join in the prayer for Hawaii, the United States and the world.

Then Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris expressed appreciation for Tai Ji Men’s contributions to world peace and praised Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze for being “an outstanding leader who conveys the philosophy yin and yang and champions the concept of physical, spiritual and mental health. Mayor Harris also commended the cultural goodwill group organized by Dr Hong for strengthening relations between countries and cultures through exchanges On September 16, 2001, he proclaimed Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy and Dr. Hong Tao Tze Day in Honolulu City and County.

Tai Ji MenThe leader and members of the, have consoled the hearts of the people with cultural performances full of love and peace in the wake of the terrorist atrocities. Twenty years later, Tai Ji Men have returned to Hawaii, and now the world is grappling with the impact of pandemic, natural disasters, and war. With the belief that conscience is the source of love, they promoted International Conscience Day in Honolulu and emphasized that conscience leads to good governance and that with conscience-based politics, people will be blessed. They sang peaceful songs at various tourist attractions, hoping that the citizens of the world will work together to overcome the pandemic with conscience.

“When we sing, we think of true love and peace for everyone,” Tai Ji Men member Nunu Tun said, adding, “We hope everyone can go back to the origin, which is a peaceful world. We bring the energy of love and peace to every corner of Honolulu again by singing songs like “Love and Peace Song”,Love of the world,’ and love.'”

“Twenty years ago my parents were members of a goodwill cultural group that was supposed to visit Honolulu for cultural exchanges, but they couldn’t do it because of the September 11 attacks,” recalls Alan Shih. . “It’s a real shame. I am delighted to be in Honolulu today and I bring best wishes from my parents and all my Tai Ji Men brothers and sisters of this city. I pray that the world will be filled with love and peace, that everyone will act with conscience and that each family will be happy.

Another Tai Ji Men Member Ying-fen Chang said, “We also went to Hawaii with the aim of drawing international attention to the importance of protect religious freedom and human rights. The sacred land of Tai Ji Men was illegally auctioned and forcibly confiscated by the Taiwanese government on August 21, 2020, gravely violating the freedom of belief of Tai Ji Men members and their right to choose their own path of self. culture. It became a shocking case of human rights violations in the world.”

The NGO CAP-LC (Coordination of Associations and Individuals for the Freedom of Conscience) accredited by ECOSOC submitted a written statement about Tai Ji Men case and other unfair cases at the United Nations Human Rights Council, indicating that in various countries taxation has been used as a weapon to discriminate against religious and spiritual minorities.

On September 3, members of Tai Ji Men and Action Alliance to Repair 1219 demonstrated outside the Taipei Economic and Cultural Bureau in Honolulu, delivering a petition letter to Tseng Yong-Kwang, the bureau’s general manager, asking him to send their message to Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. They were received by Bureau Director Joffrey Han on his behalf. Tai Ji Men members urged President Tsai to lead her administration to truly rectify the Tai Ji Men case, revoke the illegal 1992 tax bill, and return the illegally confiscated land to Tai Ji Men as soon as possible. Director Han said he would let the general manager know about their message.

On September 4 and 5, members of Tai Ji Men and Action Alliance to Repair 1219 continued to hold placards at various attractions in Honolulu to protest the persecution of Tai Ji Men for a quarter of a century by a few rogue Taiwanese bureaucrats, and many Honolulu residents expressed support for the protest and called for an early resolution of the Tai Ji Men case. Tai Ji Men members sincerely hope that everyone’s conscience will be awakened, that there will be no more cases of injustice, and that the world will be filled with love and peace!

Tai Ji Men Qi Gong Academy: Tai Ji Men is an ancient menpai (school-like) of qigong, martial arts and self-cultivation. He perpetuated the wisdom of Taoist philosophy, one of the highest philosophies of mankind. It is an international non-profit cultural organization. His contemporary zhang-men-ren (grand master), Dr Hong, Tao-Tze established the Tai Ji Men Qi Gong Academy in 1966, and since then it has grown to 15 academies around the world.

Dr. Hong teaches his dizi (discipleship-like) methods for achieving physical, mental and spiritual balance, and tens of thousands of families have benefited from his teaching. In Tai Ji Men, martial arts and wisdom were passed down from the shifu (master) to his dizi. Through this secular tradition, the shifu and the dizi promote Tai Ji Men culture and martial arts across the world while embodying what is true, good and beautiful and spreading the ideas of conscience, love and peace. Over the past half century, the shifu and dizi have self-funded trips to more than 300 cities in 101 countries to organize more than 3,000 shows and cultural exchanges and have been recognized as “international ambassadors of peace and goodwill. “

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