Thank you for supporting St. Elizabeth Catholic School

Dear SES families and community of Clarksdale,

St. Elizabeth Catholic School has been part of the Clarksdale community since 1947. The families, citizens and business owners of Clarksdale continue to support St. Elizabeth in our mission to be a source of faith, education and service to the Clarksdale community. The last 2 years have shown us the value of EDUCATION, the value of TEACHERS and the value of RELATIONSHIPS. EVERY CHILD deserves nothing less than a phenomenal education in a safe and loving environment! St. Elizabeth School wants nothing more than the opportunity to GIVE this experience to your child. GIVE the gift of a wonderful education to your child today!

A school’s success depends on its teachers, and at St. Elizabeth your family will work with an extraordinary group of teachers and staff. Teachers in Catholic schools are constantly working on the development of the whole child – mind, heart, soul and body. It is essential that teachers and staff at St. Elizabeth’s School know that they are supported, respected and valued by their administration, students and parents.

In a Catholic school, we not only shape the minds of children, but we share and teach the life and love of Jesus Christ, teaching children and families to love like Jesus, to serve like Jesus, and to worship like Jesus. Jesus. We want to be among the growing students who become leaders in our church, our community, and our world.

The St. Elizabeth Parish Fair is coming up in September, and I want to take this opportunity to invite the entire Clarksdale community to join us! We have such a fun school family, and this year will be full of fun with intramural basketball and volleyball, movie nights, family fun night for math and science, schools week Catholics, Draw Down and much more!

If you are not part of our family and would like to get to know us better, please call us to schedule a visit! We welcome families of all faiths to join us at St. Elizabeth’s School where we strive to live a Christ-like life at school, at home, and in our community.

Blessings to come,

Sarah Brooks Cauthen, Director

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