The Bishop vs Worcester Catholic School

McManus’ Objection to the Pride Flag Is Right in the Catechism

Yvonne Abraham at least has the honesty to admit that she is no longer a Catholic. Having abandoned the faith, however, she should not feel entitled to instruct us on what is and what is not compatible with Catholicism (“At a Worcester Catholic school, red flags,” page A1, April 3 ).

To Orthodox Catholics, the position of the Bishop of Worcester, Robert J. McManus – that pride flags are inappropriate outside of a Catholic school – would seem obvious and perfectly reasonable.

Whichever way Abraham tries to spin it, the rainbow flags symbolize the rejection of Catholic morality, which characterizes “homosexual acts as acts of gross depravity.”

CJ Doyle

Executive director

Massachusetts Catholic Action League


The flags of the Nativity School of Worcester reflect the teaching of Jesus

Across the Christian world, we are days away from celebrating the love God and His Son have given the world, and now we hear that the Bishop of Worcester is demanding that the LGBTQ Pride and Black Lives Matter flags be displayed. removed from Worcester Nativity School.

Yvonne Abraham, in her commentary last Sunday, reports that Bishop Robert J. McManus views these flags as extraterrestrial signals of mistrust and division. The Nativity staff see the flags as part of the whole fabric of love that is at the heart of Jesus’ teaching.

It is unfortunate that McManus appears to be following the leadership exemplified by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in his threat to withdraw Catholic support for the School of the Nativity. I hope the good bishop will look beyond the darkness and see the light – and the love.

Samuel W. Coulbourn


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