The Crowd: Culinary Arts Scholarships Focus on Table for 10 Held in Laguna Beach

Careers in the world of culinary arts have in some cases reached a plateau of celebrity status on par with one of the famous names and faces defining our contemporary culture.

The late Julia Child would surely be amazed at the level of attention paid to burner art today. In his time, Child was one of a kind in a limited class. In 2022, this class is made up of many thousands, with literally millions more seeking career paths that nourish not only the body, but also the mind, spirit and heart.

It all makes so much sense. What is more important on a daily basis than our subsistence? And, of course, that sustenance is tied to our overall health and well-being. Safe to say, we’ve all become “foodies” of one sort or another.

In Orange County this month it was all about food, the best of the best as the non-profit organization known as Table for 10 returned to the chic local scene, hosting their 16th extravaganza annual culinary held on the grounds of the Arts Festival in Laguna Beach.

Table-to-table scenery for 10.

(Bob Hodson)

The outdoor dinner on March 6 was visually and gastronomically top notch, with the chef Ugo Allesina of Prego Ristorante in front of the big event in the role of honorary president. He joined the chief Donald Lockart taking control of the impressive global site.

All phenomenal efforts have been directed towards fundraising to support the leader Pascal Olhats’ scholarship fund for students participating in the Pascal Culinary Arts Program.

By the end of the evening, some $300,000 had been raised for scholarships.

The table for 10 has important moving parts. Thirty local starred chefs are invited to each create a breathtaking culinary event for 10 people. from cutlery to crystal and from porcelain to sheets.

Noted designer Christine Martin of KM Productions took charge of the massive event, bringing together all the very diverse design elements, creating a tapestry of colors and shapes. It was a feast for the eyes before a single piece was served.

Title sponsor Mary Murfey, left, with Kristin Martin, founder and director of Table for 10.

Title sponsor Mary Murfey, left, with Kristin Martin, founder and director of Table for 10.

(Tony Lattimore)

Patrons in the crowd included a silver platter selection of Newport social celebrities. Spotted table jumpers checking all designs on display were Susanna and Tim Stradergreat defenders of the arts in the CO, as well as the charming Kathy Hamilton and his super dad, David Roseaulocal philanthropist Janet Curci, Cynthia DeBaunand Sheriff and Steve Burk. Culinary arts scholarships were also front and center Matt DuBow, Mike Danzi and Kim Smith.

The charity auction, in the hands of Dawn Marie Kotsonishad a lot of action.

Dave and Traci Hoff enjoying Table for 10 in support of Chef Pascal Olhats' scholarship fund.

Dave and Traci Hoff appreciate Table for 10 in support of the Chef Pascal Olhats Scholarship Fund for students participating in the Pascal Culinary Arts Program.

(Tony Lattimore)

A 52-bottle Shock Wine Tree Opportunity Drawing donated by the super-generous Mona Lee Nessethworth nearly $4,000, was won by David and Traci Hoff. Then a $9,000 meal and hotel package donated by Pelican Hill Resort went to the charity Burke family.

Among the celebrity chefs offering private in-home dinners for bidders were Chris Tzorin of the Taste Collective, Brandon Room Thyme Well Spend Catering, jonathan stanley of the Dana Point Yacht Club and Honorary Chef of the Event Ugo Allesina of Prego.

The impressive list of chefs also included Prabeen Prabathan and Jacob Davis Balboa Bay Resort and Club, Victor Soto and Daniele Cambria from the dapper restaurateur by Ron Salisbury Cannery Seafood and Louie’s By The Bay, Elvia Morales of the CDM restaurant, david martin of the Pacific Club, Tetsuya Isogami from Nobu Newport Beach, and Kyuing Carroll from Pelican Hill Resort to name a few. There was even a remote chef who made a table: Charly Houegban came from Lowe’s Vanderbilt, Nashville, for business.

The scholarship money, which covers tuition, fees, books and equipment, goes to students enrolled at Saddleback Culinary Arts College and Orange Coast College Culinary School.

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