The Indian Indigenous Society of Pilar organizes the diaconal ordination


Nineteen scholastics belonging to the Society of Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier (Society of Pilar) were ordained deacons by Bishop Emeritus Aleixo Dias of Port Blair at the Chapel of the Seminary of the Mission in Pilar, Goa, on 3 October.

The rite of diaconal ordination took place with all Covid-19 security protocols.

“Diakonia or service should be your watchword throughout your life. Whether you are deacons, priests or bishops; you are called to serve, ”declared Bishop Dias, first prelate of the Society of Pilar and of the diocese of Port Blair.

He added that “when you arrive at the diaconate, you will have the impression, brethren, that you have reached the end of your rowing, and that you are approaching the goal that you have set for yourself and that the Lord Jesus has set for Himself. for you – the goal of your priesthood. However, you don’t have to stop rowing, you don’t have to rely on the oars, you have to keep rowing.

Reflecting on the Word of God, he said that the disciples did not understand that their master and Lord could wash their feet because such a thing was the task of slaves and servants and made the future deacons understand what Jesus has. did when he washed his disciple’s feet.

The prelate called them to have the image of Jesus washing the feet of the disciples throughout their lives. Unfortunately, there are deacons, priests and bishops who do not serve the Lord and His people but themselves, he said, urging them to have service as the first word in their minds.

Father Mascarenhas called on deacons to be true and genuine, devoted and compassionate servants in the mission of Christ

The Society of Missionaries of St. Francis Xavier, known as the Society of Pilar, was founded in 1887 in Goa. It is an indigenous society that works in 31 dioceses in India and nine dioceses abroad.

The 19 deacons come from 18 different parishes belonging to nine different dioceses and archdioceses of India – Udupi, Karwar, Mangalore, Gumla, Port Blair, Dharmapuri, Palayamkottai, Ranchi and Goa and Daman.

Speaking on this occasion, Father Sebastiao Mascarenhas, Superior General of the Society of Pilar, declared that it was an ecclesial event because young people were called to serve Christ and to be configured to Christ.

He said that the Society of Pilar is spread everywhere and is not only a society of Goa but is the society of the Church. He thanked Bishop Dias for the ordination of deacons and expressed his gratitude to their parents and families, to the archdiocese and diocese in which each of the deacons was raised, and to the seminary educators who guided and cared for the seminarians. .

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Father Mascarenhas called on deacons to be true and genuine, devoted and compassionate servants in the mission of Christ.

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