The Worldwide Discipleship Association Announces the Opening of a New Cohort Group on its Leadership Institute Platform

Fayetteville, Ga., April 21, 2022 — ( — The Worldwide Discipleship Association (WDA) today announced that a new Developing New Leaders 1 cohort group is opening on its Leadership Institute learning platform. Registration is now open with the group beginning May 18, 2022. Register at

WDA reports that the cohort groups are designed to be used in conjunction with its Developing New Leaders I certification course, and that the weekly cohort meetings reinforce and expand course content. The Developing New Leaders I (DNL1) course includes 50 lessons on biblical topics such as the Sermon on the Mount, spiritual warfare, and leading small groups.

The Leadership Institute is a leadership development pathway designed to develop mature leaders who reproduce themselves through a model of progressive discipleship. The courses are relationship-oriented and application-based. Each course combines reading assignments, guided discussions, and group activities to progressively develop the character, skills, and habits required of mature disciple-making leaders for today’s church.

“I’m excited about this year’s cohort ahead! I envision another year of effort of mind and heart as we explore the content of developing new leaders together,” said Mary McKeever, Cohort Leader and Fellow of the WDA Leadership Institute. “About halfway through Jesus’ three-year earthly ministry, He chose the 12 disciples to ‘deepen’ with Him and learn to take responsibility for the spiritual growth of others. He taught them the mind-blowing differences of the cultivation of His Kingdom. us for this adventure as we wrestle with the leadership imperatives of Jesus!”

The Worldwide Discipleship Association (WDA) is an interdenominational Christian ministry whose mission is to serve the church worldwide by developing the character of Christ in people and equipping them to train other disciples like Jesus. WDA has served the Atlanta metro area since 1974.

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