Thirteen firefighters named, promoted at ceremony

On Friday, August 19, the fire department proudly appointed thirteen firefighters to new roles. Their families – along with Mayor Lester Miller, County Executive Dr Keith Moffett and Fire Chief Shane Edwards – were all there and cheered them on as they embarked on this new chapter in their careers. You can see the full ceremony here.

“Each of you is an integral part of this staff. You play a major role in the daily operations of our department. At any time, you can find yourself as the primary instant commander in an emergency. Your initial decisions will have an outcome in every situation we encounter,” Fire Chief Edwards told his team at the ceremony. “Thank you to all of you, for your efforts, to go above and beyond and overcome these challenges.”

Five officers were appointed battalion commander. These leaders respond to all dangerous emergency scenes and structural fires, and are responsible for response battalions, stations, equipment, and major emergency management.

A fire officer was appointed chief of training. This leader will be responsible for all training programs throughout the county and will oversee the completion of the training tower project.

Another fire officer has been appointed as the Special Operations/Security Officer who will respond to all hazards and emergencies in Macon-Bibb. This person will also be attached to the Fire Training Division who will witness all live burns. They will be the security officer for the new training tower.

And finally, four fire lieutenants were promoted to the rank of captain. These captains will be responsible for their own fire company personnel, respond to all structural fires and major event accidents within their respective territories, and serve as reserve commander in the absence of a fire chief. battalion.

The majority of these promotions are the result of the new work schedule created in January, 2022.

Click here to see photos of the event.

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