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The parks strive to alleviate hunger and share the gospel through Stand in Faith Ministries, which started in Kenya. The association, which works with 35 churches, is now also providing food aid to Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, Mexico, Honduras, South Korea, England, the Middle East and Asia.

Two schools, two orphanages, a center for abused children, a leper colony and an organization that provides food aid to Holocaust survivors are among the beneficiaries, the statement said. The ministry is also focusing on self-sufficiency with donors providing fruit trees, gardens and chickens.

Many people only survived with the help of relatives or friends. Tragically, there were starvation deaths, the statement said. Evangelists helped many people whose loved ones were no longer able to help.

In the midst of suffering, testimonies abound. The Food Ministry has fed thousands of people and more than 1,700 professed Christian faith, including in tribal villages. Ray and Barbara Parks didn’t expect to find tribal villages in Africa and Asia with little or no Christians.

“The salutes and food relief have changed lives. Food is such a simple gift, but it opens the most unexpected doors, ”they said.

Stand in Faith Ministries needs monthly donations to keep the help going. Contributions of $ 10 to $ 40 per month are the backbone of their efforts, according to Parks.

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