Turkish AIDF builds religious seminaries in Afghanistan

The Taliban Education Ministry said on Saturday that a Turkish humanitarian institution has pledged to establish five religious seminaries in different provinces of Afghanistan.

Habibullah Agha, the Taliban’s education minister, and Sheikh Mohammad Toran, the organization’s head, signed a memorandum of understanding in the Afghan capital Kabul, the statement said.

The Minister hailed the initiative of the Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) as a “major step” and said the ministry will provide all available facilities necessary for the implementation of the project.

Each of these four-class religious seminaries will be established at a cost of $25,000 in five provinces, according to the ministry statement.

The organization would build five religious schools in five different provinces of the country as per the memorandum of understanding. Each school will include four classrooms, a boundary wall, a mosque, a drinking water supply system and other necessary equipment, the ministry said in a statement.

It should be noted that after the Taliban came to power, the number of religious schools built increased in many parts of Afghanistan, with particular emphasis on the construction and renovation of religious institutions.

Meanwhile, about half of Afghan schools have been closed and girls in grades up to sixth grade have been barred from attending since the group took control.

It comes as a number of women have again rallied in Kabul to renew the call for girls’ schools to reopen, as the Taliban deprived them of an education for more than 400 days.

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