Two imams attacked in the Iranian city of Qom amid upsurge in attacks on clerics

Two imams have been attacked by unknown assailants in the central Iranian city of Qom, the latest in a string of attacks on clerics across the country.

According to the Hawzah news agency, affiliated with the Islamic Seminary of Qom, two young men attacked the imams “with an iron pipe for no reason.” The cars of the religious were also damaged.

One of the two has been hospitalized and needs surgery, Hawzeh News reported.

The Qom Police Department has yet to release a report on the incident.

There have been increased reports of attacks on clerics in various parts of Iran in recent months, coinciding with rising tensions among the population over deteriorating living conditions.

In July, a young Iranian cleric named Mojtaba Hosseini was stabbed repeatedly in the back while delivering a sermon in the town of Karaj, according to a local official. That same month, an imam was injured in an assassination attempt by a passing assailant on a motorbike in the city of Isfahan.

Several other attacks were also recorded.

Mohammad Taghi Fazel Meybodi, a senior member of the Islamic Seminary in Qom, said earlier that many clerics and students at the seminary do not appear in public gatherings because of the “teasing or swearing” they hear from people.

Written by Ardeshir Tayebi based on an original story in Persian by Radio Farda of RFE/RL

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