UW sues Big Swede and offers OT scholarship

Sweden has been considered the land of the warmhearted, people known as Norsemen, from a Viking Age who ruled this land from the 8th to 11th centuries.

Well, whatever sturdiness that has diminished over time could make a comeback.

Meet Lucas Simmons, a 6-foot-8, 296-pound teenager from Uppsala, Sweden, and currently a junior offensive tackle for Florida’s Clearwater International Academy, where he split a 10-2 football season.

He has an 84-inch wingspan and 33 college football offers on hand as a member of the Class of 2023. His latest scholarship offer on Tuesday came from University of Washington scouts Kalen DeBoer.

Simmons played American football for just two years, growing up competing in football and basketball before really getting big and turning to a club version of football in his Nordic country.

His size, no matter what part of the world he’s from, will make him quick friends wherever he goes.

Besides the Huskies, Simmons holds scholarship offers from Arizona State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, Michigan, USC, Auburn, Georgia, Penn State, South Carolina, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Florida and Florida State. , to name a few.

Although he was born in Europe and athletically inclined, Simmons has a pretty deep family connection to American football.

His father, Able, grew up in SEC country South Carolina and played football for Livingstone College in North Carolina for a year before moving to Oklahoma and spending the 1996, 1997 and 1998 with the Sooners.

Curiously, his maximum frame was 6 feet and 301 pounds, leaving him eight inches shorter but five pounds heavier than his son.

Able Simmons traveled to Sweden while finishing OU and loved the country so much he stayed, started a family and raised it there in the shadow of Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Football brought his son back to limitless opportunities, including the UW.

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