Victim of Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta of Oran, Argentina: “Don’t turn your back on us”

“Simply this: don’t turn your back on us. We did not deserve such treatment,” GC told ACI Prensa when asked what he is asking of the Catholic Church.

“Faced with such a situation, God willing, there will be no other cases, but if this happens, may (the Church) not turn its back on us as it has done on us because we did not deserve this treatment, first from a person who is a persona non grata to the Church, a person who has harmed the faithful, the people of God,” the victim said.

“And second, if there’s so much psychological therapy offered in seminaries, well, I think the Church hasn’t seen much of that. Much was known about Zanchetta when he was ordained bishop and I think it was a mistake not to use another (worse) word,” GC lamented.

House arrest ‘not what we expected’

Regarding house arrest, Zanchetta’s victim said he was not surprised by the judges’ decision after the request “to be able to have a comfortable prison, according to his status. He has always emphasized the power he has and that is why he is where he is and not in a prison.

“I always say that if I had lost the case, I’m sure I would have – we would have been – in jail and not under house arrest,” he added.

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