Visit to a family of Christian doctors

“My brother, who is 95 years old and retired long ago, still preaches in grassroots churches, testifying to God in good spirits,” said an elderly Christian doctor.

On June 19, the pastor and staff members of Jiexi Church in Shima City, Zhangzhou, Fujian, visited the daughter-in-law of a former pastor who served in Shima Church and to his son, bringing a sample of a Jiexi Church history book (first draft) for them.

Jiang Meiling, director of the pediatric department of Fujian Medical University Hospital in Fuzhou, is the daughter-in-law of Reverend Ouyang Hou, with her son Ouyang Qiming as director of the hospital’s stomatology department. “As a graduate student, Qiming’s son is a surgeon at Union Medical College Hospital, he just gave birth to a son, my great-grandson. So I was promoted to great-grandson. grandma…” Jiang said happily.

“My father Jiang Tianhan, a devout Christian, was a famous Western doctor trained by Zhangzhou Gospel Hospital, appointed president and acting president of the hospital. My 95-year-old brother Jiang Junyu is now retired and once served as a pastor at Mochou Road Church after graduating from Nanjing Union Theological Seminary,” Jiang added.

“I also graduated from seminary,” said Reverend Ye Yi’neng of the Jiexi Church.

“Do you know my brother? Jiang asked.

“Yes, like when we studied theology in Nanjing, we practiced in churches in Nanjing every year, including Mochou Road Church,” Ye said.

“Born in Zhangzhou in 1927, after my father died, my brother was admitted to China’s most famous seminary at that time in Nanjing after graduating from middle school. Married in Nanjing, he was assigned as a teacher music at Nanjing 26 Middle School (Nanjing Foreign Language School now) with a good voice.In the choir of Mochou Road Church which reopened in late 1980, he retired to sing baritone, ordained pastor later,” Jiang said.

“Yes, I once heard him preach. He would occasionally show a written article with the topic and main points (outline) of the sermon in large letters, worrying that the congregation would not understand his Hokkien dialect. sermons, he also sometimes sang hymns or short songs, leading others to sing along, with a beautiful voice,” Ye recalled.

– Translated by Abigail Wu


Visit to a family of Christian doctors

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