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John mcdonald

Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

They can benefit all of society

Schools can operate according to one of two models, either through education or through indoctrination. Education is about getting a person at liberty to meet the Truth and choose it for himself, and indoctrination is about telling a person what to think, eliminating all other options as evil. . What we find in the world is that there are religious schools that do both.

Religious schools that seek to educate properly are good and benefit the whole of society, while those that seek to indoctrinate are bad in that they use social, emotional, and psychological force and violence to keep students from falling. inquire freely.

For over 1,500 years, the Catholic Church has been involved in the work of schools. Throughout my priesthood I have been involved in one way or another in the work of Catholic education. Education in the best sense of the word is a hallmark of Catholic identity. We like to say, “We don’t run schools just for Catholics, we run schools because we are Catholics. As an example, the parish of the Sacred Heart has been a source of Catholic parish education in Anniston since 1953. From St. Mary’s Catholic School on McCall Drive to present-day Sacré-Cœur on Morton Road, a Catholic education quality is available to anyone who wants it, regardless of race or religion.

Having complete confidence in the Truth that comes from God makes it possible to teach and learn in an amazing way. Having questions is a sign of intelligence, and people of faith should never shy away from difficult questions. Religious schools can help people meet God as the ultimate Truth, and knowing him, love and serve him more and more.

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They can build values, character

We live in a time of materialism, where ethics and morals are on their deathbed, where spirituality is useless, where social evils are getting out of hand, where adultery and fornication are no longer evils, where disrespect is widely accepted, where community values ​​are in decline, where selfishness is promoted in the name of individualism, where children are raised without any moral, ethical or religious training, where old parents are thrown away in homes when they need to be with family and grandchildren, where consumerism is everything, so much so that the so-called Father’s Day is actually a business day, where family, social and human beings are a scarce commodity, where families break up, where single parenthoods multiply, where crimes become skills, where the monster of racism can even reach the White House, where alcoholism, drugs and smoking are the main causes of illness and death, but are aggressively advertised and marketed for financial gain. gains, where public schools are becoming an easy market for drug lords and a primary reason for the growth of extramarital teenage pregnancies. Under these circumstances, I think religious schools may be the only answer. Religious schools will be effective if they focus on morality, ethics, community values, character building and personality development.

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