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Washington’s recruiting class of 2022 has finished taking shape. But that’s only part of the story, mostly because it’s a whole new crew running the ship.

Under the direction of Lake Jimmyaccording to the plan initially defined by Chris Petersonthe strategy employed by the Huskies meant that they would try to lock in all prospects leading up to day one, get them all signed on day one, and then they could move on to building the team for the following year.

It was fair to expect Lake to employ a similar strategy for his first full signing class, but with some prospects they either take their time or just take advantage of the process to the point of not signing until the signing period. regular, which was in February.

Well, you can throw a lot out the window, but not because Lake changed his plans. Lake is no longer Washington’s head coach, so he was Kalen DeBoer trying to do their best to save the recruiting class of 2022 with a few late visits for those hoping to sign mid-year and then a mad rush to fill the rest of the class during the regular signing period after putting a press full field those who did not sign with a school in December.

Here are the prep prospects who signed with Washington during the mid-year signing period through mid-December.

WR Denzel Boston

AND Ryan Otto

LO Parker Brailford

DE/OLB Lance Holtzclaw

And here are the prep prospects DeBoer was able to sign during the February signing period.

DL Armon Parker

DL Jayvon Parker

comics Tristan Dunn

comics green javiion

And there was also a player for the recruiting class of 2022 already registered, RB Emeka Megwa. He has since left the football program.

But UW added QB Michael Penix, Jr. RB Aaron Dumas, RB wayne taulapapaRB/WR William NixonWR Lonyatta Alexander, Jr.DB Jordan PerrymanP Kevin Ryan, KG Bright camera, KG Demario KingKG Kris Molland DL Sekai Afoa-Asoau than transfers that have signed with Washington. And corner half Michael Powell has been listed, so it’s a number that can be added to the list.

There is also an annual limit of 25, but Washington will be well below that number for this particular cycle. But the overall number of 85 is still another story. Obviously this is a raw number and it takes into account those who have graduated or exhausted their eligibility, underclass who are expected to go pro, those who have submitted or plan to submit their names to the portal transfer, those who withdrew due to the coronavirus or had to retire, or those who never made it to campus for personal reasons.

There’s also another twist to the tail that affects the numbers. Since eligibility was suspended for the 2020 season, this means that all FBS programs could have a number above 85 up to the number of senior scholars currently on their official roster for the 2021 season. If we include the signers of 2022 to those slated to return for one more season (and we’re including everyone at this point until the news dictates otherwise), here are the raw numbers position by position:

DL/EDGE – 16
Special teams – 3

It is therefore 39 players in attack, 39 in defense and 3 specialists. This is in addition to 81 players in total.

All things being equal, UW’s attrition count currently sits at 0. This means that they don’t need anyone else to leave the program to be able to sign more players. With the total scholarships at 81this means that Washington could sign for 4 more players, but it’s more likely that this late in the process they would place one or two top players on a purse. Likely candidates are Camden Sirmon, Nick Juran, Zeke Pelluer, Ruperake Fuavaiand Drew Fowler.

Here’s a look at the players who moved on after the 2021 season, or who were on the 2021 roster but have already moved on.

QCPatrick O’Brien*

RBSean McGrew*, Pleasant Kamari*, Caleb Berry, Emeka Megwa

WRTerrell Bynum, Sawyer Racanelli

ANDCade Otto, Marc Redman, Mason West

LOLuke Wattenberg*

DLSam Taimani, Noa Ngalu, Draco Bynum

KGRyan Bowman*, Jackson Simon, MJ Tafisi, Cooper McDonald, Jordan Lolohea

comicsTrent McDuffie, Kyler Gordon, Brendan Radley-Hiles, Jacobe Covington

PRace carrier*, Triston Brown

What you will see below is the current look of the scholarship list as it stands heading into the 2022 season. As shown above, one or two casual players can get a scholarship for the season due to their availability, so don’t be surprised if this happens before the start of the fall term.

dylan morris (Photo: Icon Sportswire, Getty)

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