Where is “School Ties” filmed? Locations and premises details


Walking down the path of memory is always a magical thing for us humans. Feeling and living the moments in the memories and reliving them is what we gain. Many of us may be huge vintage geeks and seem to find ourselves frequently in the post-war era. While it remains a fantasy for many to go into the past through movies and books and visualize the events of the past, the rest of the rest may not even be familiar or interested in the topic. But there are a few must-see movies whether or not you’re a fan of vintage. Trust us and you will never regret it for a moment. “School connections” are something almost any of us could relate to. Here we bring detailed information about the specifics of the film and also know more about the school links filming locations.

The film focuses on the script, which is based on school and sports and everything in it is set against a backdrop of the 1950s. Now you can clearly anticipate the craze it must have aroused in the film. ‘era. Most of you may have watched it before, and for those who haven’t, don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know about the locations, the plot, the characters and much more.

School Ties

Robert Mandel directed the American sports drama film ‘School Ties.’. The movie had a fabulous cast set that included all of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities back then, even now. The film was released in 1992. Brendan Fraser portrayed David Greene, the film’s main protagonist, and the antagonist was played by Matt Damon, portraying Charlie Dillon. Sally Wheeler is David’s love interest, and the character was played by Amy Locane. Other notable cast members include Ben Affleck, Chris O’Donnell, Randall Batinkoff, Peter Donat and others. Enough of the intro, let’s dive right into the locations of School Ties.

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School links Filming locations

School Ties was primarily filmed in Massachusetts at the Middlesex School in Concord. According to the director, the main reason for choosing the venue was the exact likeness of the shot and the backdrop he envisioned. With the perfect location and sophisticated hands at work, nothing could stop the film from being a success. The opening sequence for the film was shot on Wyandotte Street in Pennsylvania.

All segments of protagonist David in Pennsylvania were filmed on location in the state. Some of the more prominent locations in the opening credits were the Roxy Theater and Chip’s Dinner, both located in Northampton, PA. The footage with protagonist David, where he was at the bus station, was shot at the location of the actual bus stop rather than on a set.

The school links the filming locations
School Ties

Additional preparatory schools were employed, such as Lawrence Academy, Worchester Academy and Groton School. All of the locations mentioned above are in the same condition which has saved the cast and crew some travel time.

Zion Lutheran Church and Bethlehem Steel Plant are two other locations that included other important footage from the film. The majority of the primary scenes in the films were shot on the University of Massachusetts campus. Overall, the film was shot in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.


The film is set in the 1950s, where a Jewish boy named David Greene was awarded a scholarship to join an elite school in Massachusetts Perp. The protagonist was offered a sports scholarship for his outstanding performance in football as a quarterback. As David prepares to change his life and enters prestigious prep school, he meets his football teammates Jack Connors, Charlie Dillon and Rip Van Kelt. He also instantly clicks on his acquaintance from his room Chris Reece. The companions of David come from the well-to-do circles of the city and have a distinct aversion to the Jews. This makes David aware of revealing his original identity as a Jew.

The school links the filming locations
School Ties

How he manages to keep his religious roots a secret while winning hearts with his performances in football matches is worth seeing. He must also avoid his nemesis Charlie Dillon who continues to follow his path. Charlie resents David for catching the attention of his sweetheart Sally Wheeler. What happens to David when the whole school finds out that he is Jewish, how will he fare? It surely attracts attention and keeps the audience engaged until the end. Stay tuned for more on the latest updates.

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