Zionists turn to religious conflict between Shiites and Sunnis

Referring to the recent terrorist acts that took place in the holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, Esmaeil Khatib said that one of the areas of interest for Takfiris [to do terrorist acts] is religious places.

Such a terrorist act that took place in Imam Reza’s holy shrine shows the resentment of takfiri groups, he added. “To create an ethnic and religious conflict between Shiites and Sunnis and other ethnicities is to divert public opinion from the crimes of the Zionist regime. They are trying to create new security problems in Iran by using the media and the atmosphere technological, and it is necessary for the clerics, intellectuals and individuals to neutralize these seditions with vigilance.”

“The Zionist regime is trying to play the role of the regional gendarmerie with the support of global arrogance and some Arab countries, whose efforts have been thwarted by the martyrdom and jihadist actions of the Palestinians,” the minister noted.

A knife-wielding man attacked seminary students at the Imam Reza shrine in the holy city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran on Tuesday afternoon, resulting in the death of a seminary student and injuring three seminary students.


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